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We offer more than just safes, locks and asset protection systems to our clients: our business is based on their trust and peace of mind. A business where knowledge, expertise and experience are used to achieve concrete results and high performance.

Fichet Bauche is uncompromising about the quality of its products—from barrier materials to lock details. We work hard to guarantee a high level of production control and therefore of quality.

Des produits et des services adaptés à chaque besoin
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Treasured memories, personal data, valuable gifts, things you hold dear—whatever you need to protect, we can guarantee resistance to burglary, fire and explosives. Explore our ranges to find out more.


  • Burglary is a real threat for both professionals and private individuals.
  • It is therefore essential to place your valuables under the protection of certified safes.
  • Fichet-Bauche safes are ergonomic, elegant and customisable, offering the highest levels of burglary resistance—and much more besides.
  • Depending on models, our safes can also provide optimal resistance to fire and explosives with certifications that comply with the most stringent international standards.
  • In addition to their ergonomic features for ease of use and aesthetic finishes, they allow for a wide range of options enabling you to define the solution that best meets your needs in terms of performance, appearance and storage volume.


  • Fichet-Bauche cabinets incorporate advanced ergonomic features to ensure maximum convenience and storage capacity while protecting your classified information and sensitive documents from prying eyes.


  • An impenetrable line of defence against the most determined attacks: Fichet-Bauche vaults and security doors incorporate the best of the latest anti-burglary technology.
  • The increasing quality of our products has largely contributed to a 95% reduction in bank robberies over the past 20 years. Source


  • For bank branches, retail outlets and small businesses alike, cash management is a major source of cost and time loss.
  • Cash storage also increases the risk of armed robbery.
  • Managers are therefore looking for solutions that ensure the security of both cash deposits and staff.
  • Fichet-Bauche deposit safes offer a wide range of compact, functional models that are easy to use while maintaining a high level of security performance.

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