Millium DTM deposit and transfer safe

Deposit and cash transfer safe

Millium DTM is a deposit and transfer system designed to secure cash flows between retail outlets and CIT operatives. This solution allows for both pick ups (banknotes) and supply of cash floats (coins).

Certifié resistant aux effractions Burglary
Non-certifié resistant au feu Fire
Non-certifié resistant aux explosions Blast
Fabriqué en France - French Fab

Key features

Certified protections

  • Certified burglary resistance as per EN 1143-2 (Grades I-III)

Storage capacity

  • 80 / 120 Litres
  • 120 / 120 Litres

Key benefits

  • Secure storage of cash and direct CIT interfacing in a single solution
  • Based on the tried and tested Millium safe concept

Technical specifications of Millium DTM deposit and transfer safes

Models DTM 80/120 DTM 120/120
Volume (Litres) 77/107 107/77
External height (in mm) 1759 1759
External width (in mm) 555 555
Ext. width of deposit head (mm) 590 590
External depth (in mm) 740 740
Total depth of door open at 90° (in mm) 1385 1385
Weight Class I (kg) 659 659
Weight Class II (kg) 710 710
Weight Class III (kg) 787 787
Weight DTM Gate (kg) 49 49
Number of doors 1 1


Offering a “3 in 1” solution for the treatment of deposits, cash transfers and float supplies, Millium Double Door safes are A2P-certified for burglary resistance as per EN 1143-2 (Grades I-III, with insurance ratings from €25,000 to €55,000).
Deposit is performed via the DFX head of a Millium DFX safe.
Transfer is carried out by the receiving safe (transfer container) of the Millium DFX safe. Its door is directly opened by CIT operatives to allow for pickups.
Float supplies are performed via a communication hatch fitted between the transfer container and the Millium safe. CIT operatives can thus deliver bags of coins to the Millium safe, the door of which can be then opened from inside the retail outlet.

Performance et Sécurité

Performance and security features

Access to the external door of the transfer container is protected by a trap door controlled by a lock equipped with a European profile cylinder or by a roller shutter (if used in an external configuration).

  • DOCT detection “common risks” and “high risks” as an option
  • Fixing kit included for safes under 1000 kg, mandatory according to EN 1143-2.

Interior fittings

No specific option


Certifying bodies

A2P - organisme certificateur

Locking options

Serrure à clé MxB (brevetée Fichet-Bauche)
MxB key lock (patented by Fichet-Bauche)
Serrure électronique à combinaison : Nectra
Nectra electronic combination lock
Serrure à combinaison électronique : KelNet
KelNet electronic combination lock

Guaranteed quality

Our production plant operates in accordance with ISO 9001 standards for Quality Management, ISO 45001 for Occupational Health and Safety Management
and ISO 14001 for Environmental Management. Certifying bodies perform regular production tests and inspections to ensure compliance and quality
are preserved for all our products.

Certifié resistant aux effractions

Grades I-III
as per EN 1143-2

Fabriqué en France - French Fab

in France

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