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Healthcare professionals

Hospitals, clinics, nursing homes, pharmacies...

Are you a healthcare establishment or a pharmacy?

Protect valuable medications and substitutes from theft and addicts with a discreet, secure, and deterrent safe or security cabinet.

Our range for hospitals and pharmacies

Why should you choose Fichet Bauche?

Certified burglary resistant

High level of security

Regain peace of mind by choosing to store your valuable medications and substitutes in a security cabinet or safe that guarantees the highest level of protection against burglary.
Protection against eavesdropping

Discreet and dissuasive

Our electronic locks and mechanical locks enable connection to your alarm system and include programmable security features such as: duress code detection, specific opening time ranges, opening delay…
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Complies with insurance standards

In addition to safely storing your merchandise and cash, our safes and security cabinets are A2P certified in accordance with European standards EN-1143 and EN-1300, thus meeting your insurance requirement in terms of insurable value: covering up to €300,000 with our Grades VI safes.

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