GVX deposit and transfer safe

Modular secure storage

GVX safes with compartments are modular solutions designed to fit into small or hard to reach spaces.

Certifié resistant aux effractions Burglary
Non-certifié resistant au feu Fire
Non-certifié resistant aux explosions Blast
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Key features

Certified protections

  • Certified burglary resistance

Storage capacity

  • 1,000 litres
  • 1,110 litres
  • 1,945 litres
  • 2,155 litres

Key benefits

  • Modular design allowing for installation on limited/cramped spaces
  • Equivalent to a real vault but with more flexibility and less impact on your infrastructures

Technical specifications of GVX deposit and transfer safes

Commercial sheet
Technical drawing: GVX 1010L and 1210L compartment safes Technical drawing: GVX 1010L and 1210L compartment safes
Technical drawing: GVX 1010L, 1210L, 2020L, and 2220L compartment safes

Models GVX 1010 GVX 1210 GVX 2020 GVX 2220
Volume (Litres) 1000 1110 1945 2155
External height (in mm) 2000 2200 2000 2200
External width (in mm) 1114 1114 2020 2020
External width with hinges (in mm) 1179 1179 2150 2150
Ext. depth (in mm) 784 784 784 784
Int. height (in mm) 1850 2050 1850 2050
Int. width (in mm) 964 964 1870 1870
Int. depth (in mm) 562 562 562 562
Column height (in mm) 1800 2000 1800 2000
Empty weight (optional shelves) (in kg) 2010 2300 3100 3350
Weight with 530 FX (kg) 2535 2885 4140 4250
Weight with 430 FX (kg) 2420 2760 3920 4275
Weight with E30 (kg) 2210 2500 3500 3800
Number of doors 1 1 2 2


GVX safes can be easily assembled, dismantled and reassembled on another location.
Our range includes four models that can protect your cash and valuables in the same way as a real vault—but with a smaller footprint. Its narrow, reinforced panels offer considerable resistance and a large interior space. Moreover, GVX safes are easy to install and adapt to a surprising variety of environments.

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Performance et Sécurité

Performance and security features

  • Combinations of mechanical and electronic locks (A2P-certified as per EN 1300).
  • Single door mode with 10 bolts.
  • Double door models with 4 bolts on left door and 10 bolts on right door.
  • Cylindrical bolts with a 35mm diameter.
  • GVX safes can also be fitted with compartments in order to meet the same equirements as vaults.

Interior fittings

  • 5 shelves (standard kit)
  • Additional shelves
  • Compartments

Certifying bodies

A2P - organisme certificateur

Locking options

MxB key lock (patented by Fichet Bauche)
MxB key lock (patented by Fichet-Bauche)
Moneo mechanical combination lock
Moneo S mechanical combination lock
Kelnet electronic combination lock
KelNet electronic combination lock

Guaranteed quality

Our production plant operates in accordance with ISO 9001 standards for Quality Management, ISO 45001 for Occupational Health and Safety Management
and ISO 14001 for Environmental Management. Certifying bodies perform regular production tests and inspections to ensure compliance and quality
are preserved for all our products.

Certifié resistant aux effractions

Certified locks as per EN 1300

Logo Fabriqué en France - French Fab

in France

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