AF II security cabinet

Unauthorised access protection solution

Every office has files and information that must remain confidential. AF II security cabinets provide a robust first line of defence in protecting your sensitive documents and valuables from prying eyes.

Protection contre les indiscrétions Unauthorised access
Certifié resistant aux effractions Burglary
Non-certifié resistant au feu Fire
Fabriqué en France - French Fab

Key features

Certified protections

  • Certified unauthorised access protection compliant with France's IGI 1300 official regulations issued by France’s General Secretariat for Defence and National Security (Grade B)Protection certifiée contre l'indiscrétion, conforme aux exigences du "Secret Défense" (classe B selon l'IGI 1300)

Storage capacity

  • 250 litres
  • 450 litres
  • 750 litres

Key benefits

  • High-performance security cabinet
  • Best-selling product for sensitive information protection
  • Compliant with Defence & National Security regulations

Technical specifications of AF II security cabinets

Commercial sheet

Models AF II 25 AF II 45 AF II 75
Volume (Litres) 210 363 705
External height (in mm) 1050 1050 1970
External width (in mm) 568 975 975
External width door open at 90° (in mm) 568 975 975
External width door open at 180° (in mm) 926 1712 1712
External depth (in mm) 472 472 472
Total depth door open at 90° (in mm) 910 931 931
Internal height (in mm) 978 978 1898
Clearance height (in mm) 907 907 1827
Internal width (in mm) 555 962 962
Clearance width (in mm) 316 687 687
Clearance width door open at 90° (in mm) 316 687 777
Profondeur int. (en mm) 380 380 380
Weight (kg) 85 120 186
Number of shelves 2 2 5
Number of doors 1 2 3


AF II is our best-selling solution for the protection of sensitive information. Available in 3 sizes, it is designed to provide maximum storage capacity with a fully modular interior. In addition, it allows full access to contents with doors that can be opened up to 180°.

Performance et Sécurité

Performance and security features

AF II security cabinets provide:

  • Compliance with Defence & National Security regulations (Grade B as per IGI 1300);
  • Choice of mechanical or electronic locks (all A2P-certified as per EN 1300);
  • Automatic relocking as required for all Grade B equipment;
  • Permanent locking triggered in the event of attack (mechanical relocker as required for all Grade B equipment).

Interior fittings

  • Standard shelves
  • Lockable compartments (370mm height x 220mm width)

Certifying bodies

A2P - organisme certificateur

Locking options

Serrure à clé MxB (brevetée Fichet-Bauche)
MxB key lock (patented by Fichet-Bauche)
Serrure à combinaison mécanique : Moneo
Moneo V mechanical combination lock (Grade B certification)
Serrure électronique à combinaison : Nectra
Nectra electronic combination lock

Guaranteed quality

Our production plant operates in accordance with ISO 9001 standards for Quality Management, ISO 45001 for Occupational Health and Safety Management
and ISO 14001 for Environmental Management. Certifying bodies perform regular production tests and inspections to ensure compliance and quality
are preserved for all our products.

Certifié resistant aux effractions

Grade B certificationas per IGI 1300

Fabriqué en France - French Fab

Manufactured in France

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