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Classified defense

Sensitive and classified documents

Do you need to protect sensitive documents?

Protect your confidential documents and data from indiscretion with safes and security cabinets certified at the highest level of security (A2P, ECB-S).

Our range for sensitive documents

Why should you choose Fichet Bauche?

Certified burglary resistant

High level of security

Cabinets and safes with a metal structure, featuring doors equipped with a side-pivoted locking system that prevents disassembly of the doors in the event of hinge severance when the unit is locked. The bolts are inaccessible from the outside and cannot be disassembled.
Serrure à combinaison mécanique : Moneo

Silent and discreet lock

In addition to ensuring a high level of security, our safes are equipped with a lock featuring a silent mechanical combination and discreet operation.
Protection against eavesdropping

IGI 1300 compliant

Our Grade B security cabinets comply with the Interministerial General Instruction 1300 of November 11, 2011, issued by the General Secretariat for Defense and National Security.

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