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Central banks, commercial banks...

You are a bank?

Protect your cash and personnel against hold-ups and burglaries with certified high-level security strong doors, strong rooms, and safes.

Our product range for banks

Why should you choose Fichet Bauche?

Certified burglary resistant

High level of security

Safeguard your technical security perimeter with a comprehensive solution ensuring the highest level of protection against intrusion. And protect your deposits and fund transfers while streamlining the cash management process with secure, discreet, and deterrent solutions.
Serrure électronique Kelnet

Employee protection

Our KelNet electronic locks allow connection to your alarm system and include programmable security features such as: constraint code detection, specific opening time ranges, opening delay…
Logo A2P organisme certificateur

Complies with insurance standards

In addition to securely storing your goods and cash, our safes and strong cabinets are A2P certified, in accordance with European standards EN-1143 and EN-1300, thereby meeting your insurance requirements in terms of insurable value: capable of covering up to €300,000 with our grade VI safes.

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