Optura vault door

Fire and burglary protection solution

Taking full advantage of Fichet-Bauche expertise in high-risk security, OPTURA vaults doors have been designed to resist the most recent tools and methods of attack.

Certifié resistant aux effractions Burglary
Certifié resistant au feu Fire
Non-certifié resistant aux explosions Blast
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Key features

Certified protections

  • Certified burglary resistance as per EN 1143-1 (Grades VI-XI)
  • Certified fire resistance as per NT Fire 017 (60 minutes for paper documents)

Storage capacity

  • 100 mm, 180 mm or 280 mm wall thickness

Key benefits

  • Very high levels of certified protection (up to Grade XI)
  • Wide choice of locking options

Technical specifications of Optura vault doors

Commercial sheet
Technical drawing: Optura ST, Optura, and Optura S security doors
Technical drawing: Optura ST, Optura, and Optura S security doors

Frame thickness (mm) 240 240 320 320 420 420
Defender thickness (mm) 100 100 180 180 280 280
Clearance width (mm) 895 895 895 895 912 912
Clearance height (mm) 2167 2167 2172 2172 2177 2177
External height (mm) 2167 2167 2172 2172 2177 2177
External width (mm) 1193 1200 1200 1200 1360 1460
Approximate weights (kg) 1040 1080 1800 1850 2650 2730


For most organisations, the safeguarding of valuable objects or documents is absolutely imperative. In sensitive sectors such as banking, retail, logistics or pharmaceuticals, large amounts of money or valuables are often kept on site, which increases the need for high-quality security solutions. Forming an integral part of the structure in which it is built, a vault always delivers the highest level of protection against burglary.

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Performance et Sécurité

Performance and security features

OPTURA vault doors offer among the highest levels of security currently available:

  • A2P-certified burglary protection as per EN 1143-1 (Grades VI/E to XI/E);
  • Optional 2-hour fire protection for the sealed frame version;
  • Two types of installation (sealed frame and panel frame);
  • Compatible with certified modular panels of the same grade;
  • Core Drill protection with diamond tool testing (Grade X and XI models);
  • Fichet-Bauche high performance composite barrier material;
  • Multiple rectangular bolts (3 to 5 depending on model);
  • Full-height rear anti-lift bar or active bolts (depending on model).

Interior fittings

  • Ground doorstop with support plate
  • Wall doorstop with mounting kit
  • Door wedging/adjustment kit
  • 50mm drum
  • 100mm drum

Certifying bodies

A2P - organisme certificateur
ECB-S logo

Locking options

Mauer key lock
Mauer key lock
Moneo mechanical combination lock
Moneo mechanical combination lock
Kelnet electronic combination lock
KelNet electronic combination lock

Guaranteed quality

Our production plant operates in accordance with ISO 9001 standards for Quality Management, ISO 45001 for Occupational Health and Safety Management
and ISO 14001 for Environmental Management. Certifying bodies perform regular production tests and inspections to ensure compliance and quality
are preserved for all our products.

Certifié resistant aux effractions

Grades VI-XI as per EN 1143-1

Certified fire resistant

NT Fire 017 (60 minutes for paper documents)

Logo Fabriqué en France - French Fab

Manufactured in France 

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