Optema vault door

Fire and burglary protection solution

Optema vault doors are built with high-performance materials developed by Fichet-Bauche R&D teams to guarantee their resistance to thermal and mechanical attacks.

Certifié resistant aux effractions Burglary
Certifié resistant au feu Fire
Non-certifié resistant aux explosions Blast
Fabriqué en France - French Fab

Key features

Certified protections

  • Burglary resistance equivalent to a reinforced concrete wall (250-600mm thickness depending on model)
  • Certified fire resistance as per EN 13501-2 (Ei1/Ei2 Grades)

Available sizes

  • 100mm, 180mm or 280mm wall thickness

Key benefits

  • Very high levels of certified protection
  • Wide choice of locking options
  • Emergency trapdoor version available for added security and ease of use

Technical specifications of Optema vault doors

Models Optema 100 Optema 100 T Optema 180 Optema 180 ST Optema 280/280 S Optema 280 ST
Frame thickness (mm) 240 240 320 320 420 420
Clearance width (mm) Door 895 895 895 895 - 1012
Clearance width (mm) Trappon 500 500 500 500 500 -
90° clearance width (mm) Door 750 750 669 669 - 667
90° clearance width (mm) Trappon 355 355 274 274 255 -
Clearance height (mm) 2030 2030 2030 2030 - 2030
Clearance height (mm) Trappon 600 600 600 600 600 -
External height (mm) 2167 2167 2171 2171 2177 2177
External width (mm) 1200 1200 1220 1220 1360 1460
Approximate weights (kg) Trappon 225 225 315 315 525 -
Approximate weights (kg) Door with trapdoor 850 850 1200 1200 - 2200


Based on the Optura range, these vault doors benefit from the same technologies tested against the latest tools and methods of attack by European reference laboratories. Designed for very high risks, OPTEMA doors can be combined with vault walls or modular panels to form a seamless high security solution.

Performances et sécurite

Performance and security features

Optema vault doors are built with high-performance materials developed by Fichet-Bauche R&D teams to guarantee their resistance to thermal and mechanical attacks.
Their burglary resistance is equivalent to a reinforced concrete wall (250mm to 600mm thickness depending on model).

This robust range has been fire tested by the Efectis laboratory to certify compliance with EN 1634-1 standards. All models have also been awarded Ei1/Ei2 Grades as per EN13501-2.
Additional protection: the 180 S and 280 S models incorporate GRADIUM—a barrier material that meets the requirements of the strictest European standards.

  • Optional 2-hour fire protection for the sealed frame version.
  • Large section bolts ensuring a very high level of resistance.
  • Two types of installation (sealed frame and panel frame) with or without integrated trap doors.
  • Fichet-Bauche high performance composite materials.
  • Multiple bolts (from 3 to 5 depending on model) with rectangular cross-section.
  • Full-height rear anti-lift bar.
  • Possible connection to an on-site alarm system or a remote monitoring station.

Interior fittings

  • Opening, seismic and thermal detection alarms
  • Inside lighting switch
  • Door grille (painted finish or stainless steel)
  • Stainless steel door escutcheon
  • Stainless steel threshold bar

Certifying bodies


Locking options

Serrure à clé MxB (brevetée Fichet-Bauche)
MxB key lock (patented by Fichet-Bauche)
Serrure à combinaison mécanique : Moneo
Moneo mechanical combination lock
Serrure à combinaison électronique : KelNet
KelNet electronic combination lock

Guaranteed quality

Our production plant operates in accordance with ISO 9001 standards for Quality Management, ISO 45001 for Occupational Health and Safety Management
and ISO 14001 for Environmental Management. Certifying bodies perform regular production tests and inspections to ensure compliance and quality
are preserved for all our products.

Certifié resistant au feu

Ei1/Ei2 Grades as per EN 13501-2

Fabriqué en France - French Fab

Manufactured in France

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