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Large and medium-sized supermarkets, DIY superstores...

Are you a supermarlet or a superstore?

Mitigate internal theft, cash handling, and safeguard your STCs (Secure Technical Enclosures) with comprehensive and secure solutions at the highest level (Grades III to VI)

Our range for supermarkets and DIY stores

Why should you choose Fichet Bauche?

Certified burglary resistant

High level of security

Secure your security technical enclosure with secure products ensuring the highest level of protection against intrusion.
Protection against eavesdropping

Simplified cash management

Secure, discreet, and deterrent solutions for cash deposit and transfer. Our deposit and fund transfer safes protect your liquidity while streamlining their management process.
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Complies with insurance standards

In addition to safely storing your goods and cash, our safes and strongboxes are A2P certified, in accordance with European standards EN-1143 and EN-1300, thereby meeting the insurance requirement for insurable values: covering up to €300,000 with our Grade VI safes.

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