In need of an intervention
or repair?

For Fichet-Bauche safe repairs, please contact the manufacturer: we’re at your service.

You can’t open your safe or you’ve lost the key or combination? Don’t worry, we’ll quickly fix your product so that you can get back to normal as soon as possible.
Choosing us means professional help is always available.

Express repair service

Thanks to its nationwide presence and its 250 technicians and experts, Fichet ensures reactive customer service is always at hand. Our unique client service platform – Fichet Client Relations Centre (CRC) – is ready to respond to your after-sales enquiries 24/7.

Fichet’s after-sales service network provides a complete range of services for banks, industrial and high-risk sites, office buildings, retail outlets—and private individuals.

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    Télécharger nos CGV pour les professionnels ou nos CGV pour les particuliers