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Luxury shops

Jewellery, clocks and watches...


Are you a jeweller or watchmaker?

Protect your goods and cash from hold-ups and burglaries with safes and security cabinets certified at the highest level of security (Grade III to VI).

Our range for luxury shops

Why should you choose Fichet Bauche?

Certified burglary resistant

High level of resistance

Close your shop with peace of mind by choosing to store your jewelry and other valuable items in safes that guarantee the highest level of protection against break-ins.
Serrure électronique Kelnet

Protect your employees

Our KelNet electronic locks allow connection to your alarm system and include programmable security features such as: forced code detection, specific opening time frames, opening delay…
Logo A2P organisme certificateur

Complies with insurance standards

In addition to securely storing your goods and cash, our safes and security cabinets are certified A2P, in accordance with European standards EN-1143 and EN-1300, thus meeting your insurance requirement for insurable values: capable of covering up to €300,000 with our Grades VI safes.

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