Security cabinet AFII 750L

Anti-indiscretion security cabinet

Every office has files and information that must remain confidential. AF II security cabinets provide a robust first line of defence in protecting your sensitive documents and valuables from prying eyes.

Either 329,62€ / months with financing in 12 monthly installments with

A security cabinet designed to protect


Small items

(keys, wallet, credit card, etc.)

More than 30 folders


(passport, diplomas, title deeds, etc.)


Cash and valuables

More information on insurable values
Digital media

Digital media

(hard drives, USB sticks, cryptocurrency wallet, etc.)



(rifles, handguns, ammunition)

<b>Nectra</b> electronic lock

Nectra electronic lock

  • Electronic lock enabling 1 master code and up to 7 user codes to be created 
  • User codes can be added/deleted easily 
  • Battery operated (located externally and easy to change) 

Security features 

  • Opening delay option (up to 99 minutes delay) 
  • Temporary lockout if wrong code is entered
  • Locking of the safe if the battery is removed (unlocking with the code) 
  • “Dual” mode, requiring 2 different user codes to be entered to unlock the safe 

Technical specifications

Technical drawing: AFII 750L security cabinet open three-quarter view

Security cabinet dimensions

Inside dimensions

  • Height : 1898 mm
  • Width : 962 mm
  • Depth : 380 mm

External dimensions

  • Height : 1970 mm
  • Width : 975 mm
  • Depth : 472 mm

Weight : 186 kg

AFII 750L security cabinet open, view of the interior arrangements

Interior fittings

  • 5 Shelves (supplied)
  • Mounting kit included
Fichet Bauche logo embossed on leather

Performances et sécurités

  • Is in compliance with the requirements of “Top Secret” (Class B according to IGI 1300).
  • Mechanical and electronic locks, A2P certified in accordance with European standard EN 1300.
  • Mandatory locking on class B models.
  • Offers locking systems in the event of an attack (mechanical lock on class B).

Mounting and installation

  • It’s imperative to fix your strongbox to a concrete wall (floor and/or wall) to prevent it being stolen in the event of a burglary.
  • We recommend that you call in a authorized professional to secure your cabinet, or opt for the delivery + installation. To ensure that no leverage can be applied between the floor and the cabinet.
  • The delivery + installation option also includes commissioning and training in the use, configuration and use of the lock.

Fichet Bauche guarantees

Our industrial site meets ISO 9001 (quality management), ISO 45001 (occupational health and safety management) and ISO 14001 (environmental management) standards.
Certifying bodies control production regularly to ensure the conformity of our products and the manufacturing quality.

Class B according to IGI 1300
Class B according to IGI 1300
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Made in France
Made in France
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AFII 450L security cabinet closed front view, equipped with a Nectra electronic lock
Security cabinet AFII 450L
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Anti-indiscretion security cabinet
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  • Locks : Nectra, Key + 3 tubes
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