The locksmiths of Picardy conquer the world!

History 10/02/2023

Located in the Hauts-de-France, the Vimeu region has become famous for its expertise in locksmithing and its locksmiths are recognized throughout the world for their know-how and quality.

Farmers turned locksmiths.

The locksmith industry in Vimeu began as a local need. The townspeople needed locks to protect their homes and farms, but there were no local locksmiths to meet their needs. So the farmers were forced to fend for themselves and design their own locks. Over time, their skill grew and their reputation spread beyond the town.

Over the years, the people of Vimeu continued to develop their expertise in locksmithing. They began to export their products to other regions and even abroad. The quality of their work attracted the attention of customers from around the world, and the demand for their products continued to grow. In a short time, the small farmers of Vimeu had become master locksmiths recognized throughout the world.

Family stories.

The history of this region is an inspiring example of how a small community can grow and prosper through the determination and ingenuity of its people. Picardy’s farmers grew from farmers to world-renowned master locksmiths by coming together to meet the challenges and opportunities they faced. They worked together to develop their industry and to ensure that their town prospered. This solidarity has been a key factor in their success and their worldwide reputation in locksmithing.

Today, the Vimeu region is proud of its rich heritage and highly skilled locksmiths. Although most of these centuries-old family businesses have been bought out by large French or foreign groups, the tradition of locksmithing in the Vimeu continues to thrive through the great names of the locksmithing families still established in the region such as Laperche, Debeaurain, Guerville Riquier, FTH Thirard, Couillet, Bricard or Picard.

What about Fichet?

Fichet, which later became Fichet-Bauche, is one of the biggest names in the French locksmith industry and is closely linked to the history of the Vimeu region. Fichet was founded by Alexandre Fichet in 1825 and quickly prospered through its commitment to quality and innovation. Fichet has become a leader in the locksmithing industry by offering high quality, reliable and secure products.

Fichet has also played a key role in the development of the Vimeu region by creating many jobs and stimulating the local economy. Fichet-Bauche products are recognized worldwide for their quality, and the company prides itself on its commitment to customer satisfaction.

Fichet-Bauche continues to grow and modernize today, but remains true to its roots and commitment to quality. We are proud of our heritage as a leader in the locksmith industry and continue to work tirelessly to improve our products and services for our customers.

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“Sunday’s story – How small Picardy farmers became world-renowned master locksmiths” by Elise Ramirez