A perfect mix
of know-how
and innovation

In 1829, Alexandre Fichet invented the first unpickable lock and the first modern safe. A few months later, Auguste-Nicolas Bauche created the first fire-resistant safe. Those genius engineers who together revolutionised the world of security have placed R&D at the heart of our brand. 200 years later, we preserve their legacy and continue to create, produce and offer, together with advice and services, the best performing safes, cabinets and security doors on the market.

The lock

Best locks, our hallmark

As master locksmiths for 200 years, we have continued to develop and manufacture our exclusive locks. This is one of the key strengths of our safes and a guarantee of high security. Our choice is to ensure permanent investment in R&D, always looking for more functionality, more resistance, new materials and more advanced lock technologies.

R&D aimed at performance

Fichet-Bauche R&D teams play a central role in the value chain of our production plant. We are always on the lookout for new materials and develop exclusive Fichet-Bauche ‘recipes’ to ensure the high performance of our products and their level of resistance.
For example, a PhD student in concrete technology is currently studying the design of our barrier materials. In the last 20 years, we have thus managed to reduce the weight of our safes by 30% while increasing their resistance levels. We continue to innovate, always.

R&D for performance
Un centre de fabrication unique

A unique manufacturing base

We manufacture across France, but mainly in our own workshops. Our choice is to control the entire value chain of our products by keeping all stages of manufacturing, all specialist trades and expert skills in our own factory.

  • Careful research of raw materials.
  • Design of solutions by an integrated R&D team.
  • In-house industrial manufacturing.
  • Production lines separating safes from locks to ensure high confidentiality.
  • Expert master locksmiths at the factory.
  • Local after-sales service and technical follow-up to support all customers with confidence.

Our know-how thus remains in the service of high security.

Norms and certification

Our products are subjected to the most stringent tests acknowledged by insurers and certified with the A2P label awarded by the European laboratory of France’s National Centre for Prevention and Protection (CNPP). To achieve this, Fichet-Bauche’s own laboratory is integrated into our factory and imposes even higher requirements than those of certifying bodies. Likewise, product installation is entirely carried out by our technicians in order to validate certification.





Certifying bodies

A2P certification logo
ECB-S logo

Which ones and for what reasons?

A2P (“Assurance Prévention Protection”) is a certification label trademark registered in 1985. It is issued by France’s National Centre for Prevention and Protection (CNPP) as a result of tests assessing the burglary resistance levels of the equipment—together with an audit directly performed on the manufacturing site. Beyond performance, this certification therefore also guarantees a quality product, manufactured according to fully reliable and controlled processes.

The German ECB-S institute is a certification body with special competence for fire- and burglary-resistant safes and security cabinets.
Its widely acknowledged ECB-S label delivers an equally solid guarantee of performance and quality for all security products, including vaults and security locks as well as safes and cabinets.

How to identify a certified product?

Certified safes can be identified by the labels engraved on a metal plate that is visibly affixed to each safe. For fireproof safes and cabinets, this metal plate is located on the inside of the door.