How much does a safe cost?

Safes 19/12/2022

There are safes in all price ranges. Price depends on the type of safe and its level of security, its size, the materials used and the type of lock implemented. Find out below how much a safe costs according to these parameters to determine which one best suits your needs and budget.

Based on what criteria

Five main criteria determine the price of a safe: type of equipment, storage capacity, level of security, functionalities and installation costs.

Type of equipment

Among all ranges of safes on the market, free-standing safes are the least expensive, since they do not require significant installation work—as opposed to built-in safes. A security cabinet, on the other hand, will often be cheaper for the same storage capacity. This is because in most cases the level of certified burglary resistance is lower than for a safe while installation costs remain just as minimal.

Storage capacity

This criterion obviously plays a major part. Standard safes offer capacities ranging from 10 litres to 1,500 litres.

Small safes with a capacity of up to 40 litres are generally used to store cash, documents, jewellery and other small valuables.

Medium-sized safes have a capacity of between 40 and 120 litres, which means that they can meet a wider range of needs. They can hold jewellery, documents and cash, but also larger items of electronic and digital equipment, e.g. laptops, tablets, hard drives, cameras, etc.

If you need more, large safes offer capacities above 120 litres. This is ideal for storing larger quantities of cash and documents or cumbersome items such as paintings, sculptures, guns, etc.

Finally, security cabinets generally used to store documents and items of lower value may nonetheless offer high levels of protection against fire, with capacities ranging from 190 litres to 1,500 litres.

Level of security

Safes with a key, code or mechanical combination lock often prove more economical than identical versions with electronic locks—which naturally entail a higher price.

Furthermore, A2P certification of locks guarantees stringent testing and performance in accordance European standards.

Certification as per EN 1047-1 guarantees fire resistance at temperatures of up to 1,000°C.

Certification as per EN 1143-1 guarantees burglary resistance in accordance with a range of seven security grades—each corresponding to specific insurance ratings and thus allowing you to determine what is most suitable for the contents you wish to protect.

Although this information does not guarantee acceptance from your insurers, it offers a reliable scale to assess the most suitable certification grade in accordance with the contents you wish to protect.


A fireproof safe will of course be more expensive than one without this feature. Optional equipment can also be added to optimise functionalities and improve performance, such as sensors connected to an external alarm system to detect attempted break-in. This equipment adds considerably to the cost of your safe and is mainly intended for professional users (banks in particular).

Installation costs

Installation requirements depend on the type of the acquired safe. A free-standing safe is very simple to install (most often with simple wall or floor anchoring), whereas built-in safes will require much more extensive work or even validation of feasibility prior to works.

Fichet-Bauche technicians always take care of installation on your premises so that it is carried out with professional competence and in compliance with certification standards.

How much does a free-standing safe cost?

Free-standing safes are the models that require the least amount of work and therefore represent more than 95% of market share for private safes. Nevertheless, these models are more vulnerable to being ripped out and removed than built-in safes.  This is why only a professional installation in accordance with certification standards (esp. regarding appropriate anchoring to your wall or floor), will guarantee the expected level of protection.

As you can see, a large number of criteria are involved in the price of a certified safe. As a result, prices vary from a few hundred euros to tens of thousands of euros.

How much does a built-in safe cost?

Built-in safes – flush-mounted and fully sealed into a wall – offer a higher level of security than free-standing safes owing to their obvious higher resistance to forcible removal. In addition, they offer a more discreet presence as only their front is visible—easily concealed behind a picture or a piece of furniture. Several locking systems are possible: key locks or electronic combination locks. The latter is naturally more expensive, as it guarantees a higher level of security. Built-in safes require specific installation work and are more suitable for home owners than tenants.

However, the capacity of a built-in safe is often smaller than that of a free-standing safe (only up to 80 litres). Depending on this capacity and level of security (quality of materials, type of locking, optional fire resistance), its price also varies from a few hundred euros to several thousand euros.

How much does a security cabinet cost?

Ideal for document protection, security cabinets can be used to protect sensitive data, such as contracts, licences, archives or digital media. Some cabinets offer fire protection as well as burglary protection intended to prevent unauthorised access to contents. Depending on its size, security level, optional equipment and interior fittings, the price of a security cabinet ranges from a few hundred to several thousand euros.