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Security Standards

To provide the highest levels of protection, the Fichet-Bauche solutions are tested to comply with the latest industry standards. Products undergo certification tests to prove that they are able to provide the requisite levels of protection against burglary, fire or explosives. The tests are all carried out by qualified independent bodies to ensure credible results based on a recognised classification system.

The various certification tests are conducted under strict conditions by experienced operators armed with plans of the products and a whole range of tools.

In parallel, the Fichet-Bauche solutions benefit from the latest technological innovations with patented barrier materials that provide reduced weight, lighter panels, extra-light insulation, as well as combined resistance. 


Burglary Resistance


Safes and vaults are awarded a Grade for burglary resistance. The grading system is important as the contents of a safe will only be insured for the correct value if the safe carries the appropriate grade. As the insurance ratings differ from a country to another, the insurance details shall be checked with your Gunnebo local contact.

The Fichet-Bauche solutions meet the conditions of the following standards:

Security Cabinet

EN 14450

Grade S1 and Grade S2

Safes, ATM safes, vaults and vault doors

EN 1143-1

From Grade 0 to Grade XIII

Deposit Systems

EN 1143-2

From Grade I to Grade IV

High-security locks

EN 1300

From Class A to Class D

Security door sets, windows and walling partitions

EN 1127

From RC1 to RC6


 Features of the product which are mechanically tested include:

  • Wall and door barriers
  • The boltwork
  • The drawer sliders
  • The lock
  • The handle
  • Base fixing strength
  • Preparation for alarm installation.




UL 687

Door and front face:

  • Class TL-15

  • Deposit safe

  • Class TL-30

  • Class TRTL-30

Door and body:

  • Class TL-15X6

  • Class TL-30X6

  • Class TRTL-15X6

  • Class TRTL-30X6

  • Class TRTL-60X6

  • Class TXTL-60X6

Vaults and vault doors, modular panels

UL 608

Class M – ¼ hour

Class 1 – ½ hour

Class 2 – 1 hour

Class 3 – 2 hours

Electric locking mechanisms

UL 1034


    Fire Resistance

    Fichet-Bauche solutions also undergo extremely tough tests against fire to ensure they are able to protect your paper documents or digital media in case of a fire event.


    Fire-resistant products are certified in accordance with the standards below. For safes products, certificates awarded to product for fire-resistance differ in two main ways:

    • Content: Digital Media (CDs, DVDs, back-up tapes, etc.) that require protection from temperatures higher than 55˚C and 85% relative humidity and Documents that require protection from temperatures higher than 177˚C.
    • Length of protection


    Cabinets and drawer files

    EN 1047-1

    Document (P or Paper):

    • S 60P (1 hour)

    • S 120P (2 hours)

    Digital Media (DIS or Diskette):

    • S 60 DIS (1 hour)

    • S 120 DIS (2 hours)

    NT Fire 017

    Document (P or Paper):

    • 60 Paper (1 hour)

    • 120 Paper (2 hours)

    Digital Media (DIS or Diskette):

    • 60 Diskette (1 hour)

    • 120 Diskette (2 hours)

    EN 15659

    Document (Paper)

    • LPS 30 (1/2 hour)
    • LFS 60 (1 hour)

    Security Doors and Shutters

    EN 1634-1

    EI from 30 min to 240 min



    Record Protection Equipment

    UL 72

    Class 125 – 125°F (52°C)

    Class 150 – 150°F (66°C)

    Class 350 – 350°F (177°C)


    Ballistic Resistance


    Security Doors and Frames

    EN 1522

    FB1 – Rifle (0.22LR)

    FB2 – Pistol (9mm Luger)

    FB3 – Pistol ( 0.357 Magnum)

    FB4 – Pistol (0.357 Magnum, 0.44 Rem Magnum)

    FB5 – Assault rifle (5.56 x 45)

    FB6 Combination rifle-assault rifle (R.56 x 45, 7.62 x 51)

    FB7 – Rifle (7.62 x 51)

    FSG – Shotgun (Cal. 12/70)


    EN 1063

    BR1 – Rifle (0.22LR)

    BR2 – Pistol (9mm Luger)

    BR3 – Pistol (0.357 Magnum)

    BR4 – Pistol (0.44 Rem Magnum)

    BR5 – Rifle (5.56 x 45)

    BR6 – Rifle (7.62 x 51)

    BR7 – Rifle (7.62 x 51)

    SG1 – Shotgun (Cal. 12/70)

    SG2 – Shotgun (Cal. 12/70)