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All safes are not equal

You all have a number of confidential documents, product valuables and services or personal belongings that are important for you or vital to your business. With all of the possible threats that could occur- fire, burglary, ballistic attacks or even explosions - it is prudent to have a recognized security quality. One very significant security measure is to choose tested and certified solutions that authenticate that your valuables are kept in good conditions.


Importantly, the security tests and certifications have to be conducted by independent bodies which certify the reliability of the products for a certain level of resistance according to international standards and classification systems.

This section gives you detailed information about how safes, vaults and security doors undergo tests, which certificates your chosen product has to carry and how you can check that you have a valid burglary, fire, ballistic, explosive or combined-resistance-certification. This credible information is important for insurance companies to decide on the guarantees they can provide you with.