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​A mechanical locking system that is certified to ensure that your security solutions maintain the highest level of protection. MxB from Fichet-Bauche provides with superior performance and innovative design for ultimate durability.

You want to protect your valuable items with a safe, a vault or a door solution but need to ensure that the lock mounted on it is able to provide the same level of protection offered by the security solution itself. MxB from Fichet-Bauche offers a high-security mechanical lock, certified A2P that is extremely secure and functional. Thanks to its innovative shape and design, MxB allows for over 10 million different possible keys to be manufactured, making replication excessively difficult. This 3-dimentional design - patented by Fichet-Bauche - is impossible to pick or copied.

Your benefits:
  • Patented mechanical key that can be mounted on a variety of safes, cabinets, vault doors
  • Certified high-security - level B/E - capable to offer the same level of protection as the certified security solution itself
  • Ergonomic design with a shape that is easy to hold and effortless
  • Innovative construction making key replication extremely difficult
  • Key duplication can only be obtained by Fichet-Bauche
  • Designed and manufactured in France according to the ISO 9001 standard for Quality Management Systems and ISO 14000 for Environmental Management Systems
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Product Specifications

  • Valuable to protect Data media, Document, Electronics, Cash
  • Type of resistance Burglary
  • Resistance rating Certified
  • Fire rating 30
  • Size Medium, Small, Large
  • Lock type Key
  • Internal fittings Shelf