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​A mechanical combination locking solution that permits several million different codes to ensure maximum protection for your certified safe, cabinet, vault and vault door.

You want to protect your valuable items and require specific attention to the locking system to be fitted on your security solution. You also need a certified lock that provides equivalent level of security as your safe or vault door to ensure you are compliant with your insurance requirements. Moneo from Fichet-Bauche is a certified level C/E mechanical combination lock that gives more than 60 million combinations with automatic scrambeling on opening. The operation is based on a series of clicks and the dials are automatically reset to 0 after being used.

Your benefits:
  • Patented mechanical combination lock to be fitted on a variety of safes, cabinets and vault doors
  • Certified high-security - level C/E - offering even higher security as the certified security solution itself
  • Click-based lock with user-friendly features, simple to configure and use
  • Unique construction ensuring that the security safes and vaults maintain to correct level of protection
  • Designed and manufactured in France according to the ISO 9001 standard for Quality Management Systems and ISO 14000 for Environmental Management Systems
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Product Specifications

  • Valuable to protect Data media, Document, Electronics, Cash
  • Type of resistance Burglary
  • Resistance rating Certified
  • Fire rating 30
  • Size Medium, Small, Large
  • Lock type Combination
  • Internal fittings Compartment