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​A cash protection solution as resistant to theft as the safe itself: DFX fromFichet-Bauche is a range of A2P-certified rotary deposit heads providing burglaryprotection for cash an valuables' deposits in your office, bank or retail environment.

You work in an office, bank or retail environment and need to deposit cash and valuables swiftly and safely with minimum inconvenience. As a result, you want a safe that protects against theft with the added benefit of a rotary head that enables you to make deposits without opening the door. DFX from Fichet-Bauche offers burglary protection certified by theCNPP (National Centre for Prevention and Protection), a leading accreditation company. The deposit head can be placed on top of several Fichet-Bauche burglary safes including Carena,Millium andInviKtus, and offers as much burglary resistance as the safe itself.

Your benefits:
  • Certified A2P, Grades I E to IV E for burglary resistance, with same level protection as the safe on which it is fitted.
  • Flexible solution that can be installed as free-stranding or through-the-wall in your self-service area
  • Designed to accept various formats of deposits including paper or plastic envelopes
  • High-security mechanical lock (MxB) for maximum security
  • Large customisable safe options: can be placed on top of Carena (certified in Grades I E, II E, III E for burglary protection),Millium (certified in Grades I E, II E, III E for burglary protection),InviKtus (certified in Grades III, IV, V and VI for burglary, fire and explosives protection)
  • Designed and manufactured in accordance with the ISO 9001 standard for Quality Management Systems and ISO 14000 for Environmental Management Systems
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Product Specifications

  • Valuable to protect Document, Cash
  • Type of resistance Burglary
  • Resistance rating Certified
  • Fire rating 30
  • Size Medium, Large
  • Lock type Key, Electronic
  • Internal fittings Drawer