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InviKtus - the name for superior strength and resistance

The InviKtus premium range of safes delivers the very best in triple-certified protection against burglary, fire and explosives and is available in four protection grades, from grade III to VI, and six sizes per grade. The safes are designed, developed and manufactured in France, in the historical French factory of Bazancourt, near Reims.

Using the latest technology, the InviKtus safes are built with high-protection barrier materials, special reinforcement, and intelligent boltwork construction, providing with high levels of security to resist the most stringent attacks whilst keeping the total weight of the safes to a minimum.


Certified EN 1143-1 by the European Certification Board of Security (ECB•S) and awarded the A2p label by the French Centre National de Prévention et de Protection (CNPP) in burglary and explosion resistance, and NT Fire 017–60 Paper by the SP Technical Research Institute of Sweden in fire, InviKtus offers a wide range of mechanical and electronic lock combinations that are all A2p/EN 1300-certified.


Targeted Customers

Ideal for companies in the banking, retail industries and high-risk sites, InviKtus is supplied from 140- to 1120-litre capacity to suit the storage of a variety of confidential documents or valuable items. Two integrated handles -one opening, one pull- help users to open and to close the safe more easily than ever before.



The elegant appearance features a stylish dark blue colour with aesthetic shapes and silver handles, which are perfectly fitting the use within any architectural interior style.

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