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Made in France production

Auguste-Nicolas Bauche, one of the historical founders of the Fichet-Bauche brand started to manufacture fire-resistant products in Gueux close to Reims. By then, the Fichet-Bauche production was kept close to Reims area in the Bazancourt plant.

Back to the history...



Alexandre Fichet opens his first workshop for keys in Paris.



Auguste-Nicolas Bauche starts manufacturing fire-resistant products in Guex close to Reims.



Bazancourt plan is built.



Merging of Fichet and Bauche companies.



Compagnie de Navigation Mixte takes over Fichet-Bauche company.



Gunnebo Security Group takes over Fichet-Bauche company.



Bazancourt becomes the expertise centre for the burglary-resistant safes.



Bazancourt is officially registered as Gunnebo Bazancourt.


Technical expertise at the leading edge of progress

Gunnebo Bazancourt now produces a full range of security solutions, from security cabinets, fire-resistant cabinets, certified safes, transfer safes, vault doors and rooms to key and electronic locking systems.

The plant integrates an R&D department specialised in mechanics and automations that concentrates efforts on research and development of new barrier materials, integration for specific customers, as well as technical adaptations for institutional clients. The Bazancourt R&D department has been able to anticipate market needs by developing core materials to withstand the latest security attacks.

Veritable international technology laboratory, Bazancourt plant boasts and R&D team made up of experienced enginneers whose mission is to design high-resistant safes and vaults without compromising on aesthetics and ergonomics.

Gunnebo Bazancourt plant is well known for it flexibility in managing quantities, from serial manufacturing of large productions to small batches. The factory is currently producing more than 50 different product ranges available in 360 models and sizes.

Recognised for its diversified production, Gunnebo Bazancourt continues to draw strength from the significant added-value portfolio, providing technical adaptations to meet requirements of institutions and high-risk sites.

In addition to the production mission, Gunnebo Bazancourt is capable to conduct in-plant testing, such as manual-attacks, fire resistance, barrier material testing, endurance tests..., all in the same conditions as official certification laboratories.

Bazancourt plant in numbers


•  34,000 m2

•  185 employees

•  Top of the line equipment: punching machines, laser cutting machines, bending machines, composite mixing stations, welding robots, spray painting lines, powder painting lines...


•  10,000 safes

•  4,000 security cabinets

•  1,500 doors

•  600 cash management machines

•  1,000 safe deposit lockers columns


•  ISO 9001 Quality Management System

•  ISO 14001 Environmental Management System

•  OHSAS 18001 Safety Management System

•  Certified labels: A2P / ECB•S/ SBSC / LPCB / SP / UL