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About us

As a forward-looking brand, Fichet-Bauche stands for new, more efficient and more effective methods for protecting your valuables.

A great importance has always been placed on research to develop new technologies and materials that can add value to Fichet-Bauche security solutions. Today, the brand is one of the most prestigious names in security with a history that spans three centuries.



Alexandre Fichet opens a locksmith in Paris.


Fichet creates the first modern fire-resistant lock. Demand for it becomes so high that Fichet has to open two new factories in Lyon and Marseille.


Alexandre Fichet dies and the company changes hands.


Auguste-Nicolas, an expert in fire-resistant materials, founds his first safe production factory in Gueux, near Reims.


The Fichet company builds its first bank vault containing deposit safes for hire.
Bauche provides a memorable demonstration, enclosing the equivalent of Fr.100,000 in one of his safes before repeatedly subjecting it to fire. The banknotes emerged intact.


Bauche's new "ironclad" safe, which is both fire-resistant and armour-plated – is an international success.


A new Fichet factory opens in Sens, followed a couple of years later by new factories in Italy, Argentina, Spain, Romania and Brazil.


The Fichet company installs its first alarm and surveillance network for a manufacturing site.


After many years as pioneers in their respective sectors, Fichet and Bauche merge.


Fichet-Bauche is acquired by the Gunnebo Security Group.


Fichet-Bauche launches Hestia safe providing dual protection against burglary and fire thanks to the innovative Prytanox barrier material. The newly designed Fichet-Bauche barrier material offers certified security and reduced-weight decreasing installation and transportation costs for the customer.


A fichet-bauche safe opened 100 years after it was locked in Colombia. The "centenary safe" which is a non-combustible safe with a triplex lock stored important documents, pictures and Bogota's city plans. On 31 October 1911, three keys locked the safe that was brought from Europe only for the special occasion. The keys belonged to the President of the Republic, his Grace the Archbishop of Bogota and the Second Notary. One of the keys were located just few days before opening the safe. It turned out that the old notary, when retiring, took the key with him by fearing someone else could make a bad use of it. Before dying he asked his children to keep the key safe until the date of opening of the safe. The dream of the old notary could happen: the safe is open on the due date with his key.
And the story will continue for another 100 years. On 27 September 2010, a new Fichet-Bauche safe storing a series of objects and media about Bogota's history is locked and will be opened on 20 July 2110. Gunnebo has donated the new safe based on the HS-2000 model.


Nevo expands the Fichet-Bauche product portfolio, providing the most demanding customers with the only safe to feature an automated opening and closing system with Grade I burglary certification.


The new InviKtus safe is launched, providing triple certification against burglary, fire and explosion. State-of-the-art protection technology all in one product.


Fichet-Bauche overhauls its graphic identity. Based on the brand values' evolution through the years, the new graphic identity is fully focused on modernity and flexibility and can feature on all types of communications means.