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Security by Design

Fichet-Bauche has been a pioneer in safes and vaults business since 1825 and the innovation shown from the beginning is still a cornerstone of the brand today.


With a strong history stretching over almost two centuries, Fichet-Bauche has managed to evolve and develop close relationships with demanding customers. And to give the best possible protection to secure your assets, Fichet-Bauche offers a complete portfolio of certified solutions as well as wide integration capabilities into your security's infrastructure.

Fichet-Bauche has a great history of developing innovative protective materials together with ergonomic features. An important deal of the technological research goes into developing elegant solutions, combining new barrier materials, such as dual resistance, extra-light panels with ergonomic design in order to maximise product performance and investments, while providing safes and vaults solutions that are often unique to Fichet-Bauche brand.