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  • How do I know that my product is certified?
    A produt that has been properly tested and certified is marked with a metal label inside the door. There are many ways to check if your product offers the correct protection:
    - Get hold of the certificate for your product.
    - Check the issuer of the certificate in the list of accepted certifiers.
    - Check the label. For security safes, the label is placed inside the safe.
    - Verify the Grade or Class Resistance your product has been certified for.
    - Check that the certification number available on the product certificate matches with the one on the label.
  • When is a certificate for security safes not valid?

    ​A certificate for security safes is not valid if :

    - The safes are not anchored: safes that are carrying a grade for burglary protection and which weigh below 1000kg must be properly anchored to the floor or a wall, otherwise the classification is not valid as well as the label inside the safes.

    - Unauthorised modifications are made to the safes. Changing the lock, adjusting the boltwork, replacing the seal or adding a deposit slot to burglary- or fire-resistant safes unvalidate the certification and the labels. Therefore, product checks, maintenance and customisation should be carried out by the original supplier or an accredited partner.

    - The safes carry out unsufficient lock grade. If a safe is certified for burglary protection, then the lock used on the safe must also be certified as offering an equivalent degree of protection.

  • Who are the main test institutes?
  • Which Lock to use
    The Fichet-Bauche product use Fichet-Bauche locking systems. The table below shows which classification of lock is required for each grade of safes and vaults as per EN standards:

    ​Burglary resistance Grade

    (as per EN 1143-1)

    Lock Configuration as per EN 1300 ​
    Number of locksLock Class​
    ​XI​2 (3)​D (C)
    ​XII​2 (3)​D (C)
    ​XIII​3​D (C)


    More information on other standards, please contact your local Gunnebo.

  • Are all safes fireproof?

    ​No they are not. A burglary-resistant safe can give some protection against fire but only for a short time and at relatively low temperature because the materials inside the walls act as insulators. A fire-resistant safe for documents or digital media should be correctly certified to ensure the right fire protection.

  • Where shall I go for the maintenance of a Fichet-Bauche product?

    ​There is nothing better than a recognised specialist when it comes to the maintenance of your Fichet-Bauche product.

    As a leading brand, we attach great importance for the after-sales services. The Fichet-Bauche technical teams are available to maintain your product as quick as possible and give you peace of mind. By using the Fichet-Bauche technical specialists or the Fichet-Bauche approved distributors, you will then make sure that you get the services from recognised and expert professionals and ensure your product continues to deliver the same levels of performance as it did the day you bought it.  That way, your product will guarantee reliability in the face of any type of attack.

  • Can I have a copy of my key?

    The MxB high-security mechanical key is unique and patented by Fichet-Bauche. Thanks to its innovative shape and design, the replication is extremely difficult. And for even more security, Gunnebo can copy your key and make it available for you in case your original key is lost or stolen. That way you have the guarantee that your property gets the protection it deserves.

  • How do I get my locked safe open without my key or code?

    Opening a safe that is locked requires knowledge and practice. If you have immobilised your safe and you need help so you can use it again, you need to get in touch with the Fichet-Bauche technical team at Gunnebo or an approved distributor. The procedure can be very difficult and requires an action from an expert in order to find the best way to open the safe with the least amount of damage, keeping repairs to a minimum and ensuring the confidentiality of you belongings.

    Remember that ​the manufacturer of your safe is in the best possible position to open your safe especially when this one is certified.

  • How can I relocate my product?

    ​A safety box or a safe is not just an ordinary piece of furniture that can be easily moved. The weight and size, as well as the content inside and surrounding environment mean that relocation operations require particular levels of care and special expertise. Fichet-Bauche technical teams are specialists in designing, selling, hiring and installing security solutions and can oversee the secure transfer of your safe up to its new installation site, keeping your property safe. The Fichet-Bauche handlers will make the necessary arrangements to have your product transported as discreetly as possible and all as securely as possible.